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Days After Sununu Vetoes Gun Control Bills, Vigil Held in Portsmouth for Victims of Mass Shootings

'I am disgusted, disappointed, and I can't wait for the election to move him on,' one woman said of Gov. Chris Sununu

A week after more than 30 people were killed in two mass shootings, people gathered at a vigil in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to honor the victims and pray for progress.

Sunday night's event outside of North Church was held just a few days after Republican Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed three gun control bills.

"We need to come together as a community to strengthen our bonds and to create power for change," event organizer Mindi Messner said.

State legislators tried to create change with gun laws in the Granite State, but Sununu said no Friday to three bills that would have required background checks for commercial firearms sales, created a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm, and prohibited firearms on school property.

Following the shootings in Texas and Ohio, President Donald Trump said, "Mental illness and hate pulls the trigger. Not the gun."

Gov. Sununu echoed those thoughts in his rebuttal of the bills, saying the state has taken multiple steps to address its mental health needs. He added that the state's laws are well crafted and fit its culture of responsible gun ownership.

Diane Stradling was at Sunday's vigil and says she's disgusted.

"I am disgusted, disappointed, and I can't wait for the election to move him on," she said.

It doesn't appear Gov. Sununu will be moving anywhere, however. Last month, there was a report that he had an approval rating of 65-percent.

Popular or not, those who gathered Sunday want to know if their concerns are being heard.

The legislature can override Gov. Sununu's vetoes with a two-thirds vote in both the house and senate.

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