Small Tornado Touches Down in North Haven

Residents are cleaning up Thursday after a tornado ripped through the Montowese section of North Haven, Connecticut, Wednesday afternoon, knocking down trees and powerlines.

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado, ranked as an EF0, touched down in a two-mile stretch of the town around 1:30 p.m.  Video captured dramatic images of the destructive vortex sucking up debris into a rotation and the downed trees left in the wake of the storm.

North Haven Fire Chief Paul Januszweski said the tornado started at Interstate 91, near the Montowese Avenue exit and traveled east toward Route 22, ripping up trees in its path.

There were reports of damage between I-91 and Barberry Road, including to one house and one car.

Downed trees blocked two roads, but have since been removed.

Residents who witnessed the storm reported seeing clouds spinning and videos  showed rotating clouds and strong winds.

And doppler radar detected debris in the clouds, possible leaves or twigs, and there was also a possible waterspout over Long Island Sound, south of New Haven. 

A tornado touched down in part of North Haven on Wednesday afternoon.

There have been no reports of injuries or significant property damage.  

"The North Haven Police Department will continue with high visibility patrols in the affected area. Although it is tempting to explore the affected neighborhoods, we ask that residents remain home for their safety, and the safety of emergency crews," North Haven Police posted on Facebook.

Crews from the Red Cross are sending a team to North Haven to assess damage and the National Weather Service has contacted town officials. 

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