Cleanup Continues After Propane Truck Rollover in Hopkinton

Spring Street from Lyford to Pond streets will remain closed until the scene is clear

Life in a normally quiet neighborhood in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, has been anything but over the past day.

"I was on the computer and I heard the sirens coming and I didn’t know what was going on," said Heather Sileo.

As it turns out, a 3,500 gallon propane truck flipped over on Spring Street on Thursday where Sileo lives, according to Hopkinton police.

"At a quarter past 6 I drove down to the end of my driveway, looked up the hoes and said I don’t think I’m going anywhere," Sileo said.

The mess is a big inconvenience for people like Ken McMullen who lives about 300 feet from the site of the spill.

"The fire engine, it’s outside of the blast zone and they’re running a large hose down the street and it’s blocking my driveway," McMullen said.

Video from NBC10 Boston’s Skyranger gives a glimpse of how massive the spill is from above. The video also shows a person being pulled away on a stretcher.

Hopkinton Selectwoman Clair Wright told NBC10 Boston that the truck driver suffered minor injuries.

She also said several families had to be evacuated as a precaution.

"I don’t know when they’re going to be let back in," said Michael O’Brien, another Spring Street resident. "Some of them had park their cars here last night."

"It is what it is," McMullen said. "They are trying to do it safely so they don’t blow up the neighborhood."

Spring Street between Lyford to Pond streets is expected to remain closed until the cleanup work is complete. Massachusetts State Police are assisting with this investigation.

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