Protesters Rally in Boston Common Against ICE Raids

A day before Immigrations and Customs Enforcement raids are set to happen in several cities across the country, protesters in Massachusetts are rallying in solidarity with opponents of the raids.

Boston will not be one of those cities, but quite a few people here have been speaking out against the raids as well as the treatment of migrants at the southern border.

On Sunday, ICE plans to round up and arrest immigrants who are undocumented. 

They’re hoping to draw attention to issues they say effect immigrant communities, including the safe communities act, temporary protected status, drivers license bills and more.

We spoke to one man who was detained in Arizona back in 1999. Gerardo Chicon said he gets emotional seeing children in detention centers after fleeing violence in his home country, El Salvador.

"I cry all the time when I see those kids because I remember when I was in there for 16 days," he said.

“My family is very happy, my mother is very happy too because when you come right here, your life changes for everything.”

Organizers are demanding that the detention centers be closed and that all children be freed and reunited with their parents.

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