A New Jersey Pizzeria is Serving Up a Pumpkin Spice Pizza for Fall

Think you've tasted every pumpkin spice product this fall? Think again.

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Noa Halff
","id":"4031722","thumbnail_url":"https://nbcots.go-vip.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/IMG_8936-1.JPG?fit=3264%2C2448","type":"image","focusedSlide":""},{"caption":"Pumpkin spice pizza is just one of the unique offerings served up at <a href="http://www.nunzioskitchen.com/gourmetpizza/" target="_blank">Nunzios Kitchen</a> in Sayreville, New Jersey.
Noa Halff
The pizza features a pumpkin puree, lightly fried zucchini, ricotta cheese and walnuts.
Noa Halff
The ingredients are baked on a handmade crust.
Once assembled, the pizza is placed in a 40-year-old pizza oven.
Noa Halff
Nunzios also has two other seasonal pies on its menu: a country style pie with potatoes, chicken, corn and gravy and a sweet potato, as well as a marshmallow pie.
Noa Halff
A small pumpkin spice pizza will cost you $6, according to the restaurant's <a href="http://www.nunzioskitchen.com/" target="_blank">website</a>.
Nunzios Kitchen has been in business since 1979.
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