Puppies Rescued When Fire Breaks Out Next to Danbury Pet Store

Firefighters and good Samaritans worked furiously to rescue dozens of puppies when fire broke out in a building next to a Danbury pet store Thursday.

Danbury fire officials said crews responded to 41 Lake Ave. Ext. around 9 p.m. for a fire at a Danbury Powersports warehouse.

When firefighters arrived they realized the fire was in a building next to the Puppy Love pet store, which had animals inside.

Those nearby jumped into action.

“The first thing I see is everyone running to the door. So we all ran to the door and the door was open at the time. Another gentleman already busted the door down. So we all started pulling the dogs out and just put them in the middle of the street," sand Daniel Spaine, who witnessed the flames.

All 86 puppies were rescued. The pet store suffered water damage from the firefighting response, but no fire damage. Fire officials said the owner has all the supplies needed to care for the dogs and the store could reopen within a matter of days.

There was damage to the Danbury Powersports building. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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