Racial Slur on Granby School Sign ‘Deeply Disturbing’: Superintendent

Anna Rogers

"No hate here."

That's the message people in Granby had Wednesday night in response to a racist message left on a school sign.

Last month, someone took the letters from an announcement board on Granby Memorial School property and rearranged them to spell out a racial slur. When it was discovered, the offensive word was quickly taken down, but the emotions it invoked remained.

"Hate doesn't belong here. It doesn't belong in our schools. It doesn't belong with our children," said parent Amanda Lukingbeal.

At a board of education meeting, the superintendent addressed the room and called the vandalism deeply disturbing. He added that charges of the incident are expected in the near future.

Parents expressed their concerns as well.

"Our children are watching us. They're watching our reactions to these kind of incidents," said Lukingbeal.

Those who spoke said they want to see an increased emphasis on diversity in the schools and that continuing discussions are important.

Superintendent Dr. Alan Addley said after the incident the district made sure counselors were available to students and that discussion and reflection took place.

"You have to address these particular issues after they happen," said Addley. "It was a deplorable act. There's no place for hate or intimidation."

Addley said they are also continuing to reach out to various organizations to discuss the incident and see what else they can do.

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