Rare White Lobster Snagged off Maine Coast

Chances of catching one are one in 100 million

It was a very rare find off the coast of Maine as two white colored lobsters were caught in traps this week.

Both were caught off the coast of Rockland. If they are true white lobsters it would be the rarest color of all, a one in 100 million chance. The odds of being struck by lightning are one in 700,000.

Albino Lobster
Errol Dunlap

Many lobstermen go their entire careers without seeing one which is why Joe Bates was so surprised when he pulled one up in his trap.

"When the trap broke the water it stuck right out and I was really surprised and a little bit excited just to see it," Bates said.

Now, a lobster expert at the University of Maine, says he isn't convinced they are in fact true white lobsters because they do show some pigment.

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