The NFL’s New Top 10

What a hot mess week 4 of the NFL was. HOT. FREAKING. MESS. The Bills and Jets won. What is going on??? So we head into week 5 with a new top 10. Here you go.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: The last undefeated team left. They should have lost to Washington, but held on for the win. I really like their defense. I love Hill and Hunt. They are also now 3 games up on the Patriots (tiebreaker) for the top seed in the AFC. That’s huge already.

2. Green Bay Packers: They Pack destroyed the Bears. Yes I know it’s da Bears, but Rodgers is a beast. If his guys can somehow stay healthy, they have a great chance of winning the top seed in the NFL. Long way to go, but things are looking good.

3. Atlanta Falcons: I’m going to give them a pass on the loss to the Bills. Ugh. I don’t want to. They lost to Buffalo at home! Maybe the Bills are legit, but you can’t lose that kind of game in your house. And now Julio Jones is hurt. Good time for the bye. They’ll beat the Dolphins next, but after that? Patriots in Foxboro.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Huge win on the road against their rival the Ravens. They shouldn’t have a problem against the Jags in Pittsburgh. The one I’m looking forward to is the October 15th meeting at Kansas City.

5. Denver Broncos: They beat division rival Oakland in the Mile High city and knocked Derek Carr out of the game as well. It’s a bye week for them. The biggest issue I have with this team remains to be quarterback. I’m not sure this defense can carry them to a title like they did in Super Bowl 50. They have a crazy stretch coming up at the end of the month. At Kansas City, at Philly and hosting the Patriots.

6. New England Patriots: I’m not really sure this team belongs in the top 6 because of their defense. It’s a hot mess right now. Dead last in scoring D and it’s by a mile. The only reason they are in this spot is because of Tom Brady and the offense. Number two in scoring this year behind the Rams. Yeah… the Rams. That’s a good trivia question you can ask your friends at work.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: I guess the Eagles belong in this spot. They just got by the Giants and Chargers, but hey … A win is a win. And they have three so far. They also have a pretty easy schedule until their meeting with the Broncos. I like their defense for three quarters. They need to do better in the fourth. I also like their quarterback. Wentz is the real deal.

8. Seattle Seahawks: They destroyed the Colts. But the Colts stink. I give them the eight spot because their defense will keep them in games and take over games. Wilson needs to be better now that their running back is out for the season. This next game at the Rams should be interesting. If L.A. wins, I’m vaulting them to the top 10 and kicking the Hawks out for awhile.

9. Houston Texans: Houston dropped 57 on the Titans. 57!!! We’ve been saying for some time we know this team has a great defense. All they need is a quarterback. Insert Deshaun Watson. They should have beat the Patriots in New England, but we saw what the Clemson Tiger is capable of now for back-to-back weeks. I’m excited about this kid. Welcome to the league. Now if you beat the Chiefs this week? Watch out!

10. Detroit Lions: Welcome back to the top 10. Let’s just say the Lions are 10A, Carolina is 10B, the Rams are 10C and Buffalo is 10D. I still can’t believe the Bills are 3-1 with wins over the Falcons and Broncos. What was I talking about? Oh right, the Lions. That defense already has 11 takeaways. Tied for best in the NFL. Their next four games will tell us a lot about this team. Panthers, Saints Steelers and Packers are all coming up. Good luck.

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