Records May Fall as Temperatures Soar

It never quite made it to 50° in Boston on Saturday and in northern New England there were rain and snow showers. Tomorrow, we do a 180. We clear the clouds and warm up the air. Temperatures will climb into the 50s and 60s in New England on Sunday. Rapid snow melt will begin in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, as rivers and streams in these areas continue to climb.

70s will return for most of us by Monday. High pressure will settle off the coast and position itself over Bermuda. That’s the perfect position for a significant warm up along the East Coast. We will see above average temperatures through the day on Thursday.

Tuesday will be the warmest day out of the next 10. Temperatures will climb into the 80s. Records could fall. The record high in Boston is 78°, set back in 1955 – we are forecasting a high of 80°. Worcester will come close at 78° - the cold record was 80° back in 1945. 1945 was also the year Concord, New Hampshire set a record, which was 84°, but they’ll likely fall short at 78°.

Spring can be warm in New England, especially when there isn’t snow on the ground or leaves on the trees. 100% of the suns energy will go into warming us up – instead of melting the snow or being absorbed by the trees. With so much snow on the ground in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, temperatures will stick in the 70s.

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