First Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana License Could Be Awarded This Week

The Cannabis Control Commission will be voting whether to award the first license to Sira Naturals in Milford

Legalized sales of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts could take a big step forward this week.

The Cannabis Control Commission will be voting whether to award the first license.

It would go to Sira Naturals--which is listed on this week’s agenda that posted Tuesday--to grow pot for recreational use.

“It is a big deal,” said Mike Dundas, CEO of Sira Naturals, which operates three medical marijuana dispensaries in greater Boston.

If the company wins approval, it will soon be growing marijuana for recreational use at its sprawling facility in Milford.

The license would allow Sira Naturals to grow marijuana to be used in recreational products like edibles and oils, but not sell it.

“So we would not be able to turn around the next day and start selling recreational cannabis out of any of our shops,” said Dundas.

That’s because no licenses have been granted yet to any retail pot shops.

But that’s coming.

July 1 is when sales become legal, and Dundas believes the Cannabis Control Commission will start awarding retail licenses soon.

“It seems like a small handful of licenses will be given out for retail locations in the month of July and I think we’ll see a controlled roll out as the months go by,” said Dundas.

It’s unknown exactly when any retail pot shops will get actually get a license to sell.

The Cannabis Control Commission will meet on Thursday to vote on the cultivation license for Sira Naturals. 

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