Why Republicans on Capitol Hill Are So Wary of Donald Trump

Trump will meet with Paul Ryan and other congressional Republican leaders on Thursday

Many Republicans and their leaders are wrestling with the question of whether or not to support Donald Trump as he prepares to visit Capitol Hill on Thursday, NBC News reports. 

Four camps have emerged as Trump led GOP primaries over the past four months. A small block of House members enthusiastically backed him. Another group vowed not to vote for the real estate mogul. Another group announced differences with Trump on issues and his rhetoric, but left open the possibility to back him at a later date. A fourth group stayed silent. 

Many of those Republicans, regardless of their positions, will have to think of their own self-preservation. If Trump’s popularity in the polls continues, he could lose the presidency, but also cost Republicans in Congress their jobs. 

Trump is will meet House Speaker Paul Ryan and other congressional Republican leaders on Thursday. Ryan and his team are hoping the presumptive nominee borrows from their ideas and puts them in his platform, instead of the nominee setting the agenda for the rest of the party.

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