Revere Beachgoers Enjoy Beautiful Memorial Day Weekend

Hundreds of people headed to Revere Beach on Sunday to soak up the sun on the first unofficial weekend of the summer.

"It's really nice weather," Richard Hamilton, a Vietnam veteran and beachgoer, said.

Planes on their way to Logan Airport roared overhead as waves crashed onto the shore in Revere. The weather reached 85 degrees on Sunday.

For many, the warm temperatures were a welcome change after months of cold weather.

"The winter was pretty brutal," beachgoer Ben Lahner said.

For others, the summer-like weather was surprising.

"I can't believe that it's actually this hot out, like it's insane," Alice Freitag said.

There were plenty of people in the water, while others chose to relax on the sand and read a book.

"Yes, it's wonderful to have cookouts," Hamilton said.

The Vietnam veteran loves all the things that come with Memorial Day, but he also wants people to remember why we observe the holiday.

"A lot of people forget what the true holidays are," he said. "In their hearts, they need to remember what the holiday really means."

And many people on the beach on Sunday plan to be back in the sun on Monday, even if the temperatures will be a bit cooler.

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