Young Boy With Special Needs Left on Bus for 4 Hours in Revere

The boy was found still buckled into his booster seat when the driver went back for their afternoon route

A young boy with special needs was left on a school bus for about four hours on Tuesday in Revere, Massachusetts.

Revere School Superintendent Dianne Kelly said the boy was found still buckled into his booster seat when the driver went back for their afternoon route. The boy had fallen asleep and slide sideways, but was not harmed.

Police and the state Department of Children and Families are investigating the incident.

The bus is operated by VSP Transportation out of Saugus. The company released a statement saying they are "dedicated to the health, safety and welfare" of the children they drive.

"Our drivers are fully trained to ensure the safety of our children. The person involved did not follow policies that he was fully trained on and was immediately fired. We are fully cooperating with the City of Revere to understand how we can better serve our community," read a part of the statement.

There was also a monitor on the bus who works for Revere Public Schools, and school officials said that monitor has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Revere school officials said they met with all of their bus drivers Wednesday to remind them of proper protocol.

"Any person demonstrating an inability to safeguard children will not be employed by the Revere Public Schools or contracted to work with our kids. This morning, we reviewed safety protocols and transport expectations with all of our own transportation department employees and with all school principals. We have also been in touch with the transportation companies outside of the district that drive some of our students to school to make sure they have done similar trainings with their employees," Kelley said.

The superintendent said she is not releasing any information about the student or what school he attends.

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