Rockport, Mass. Helps Hurricane Victims in Rockport, Texas

In the hurricane-battered town of Rockport, Texas, there is no power, no water and no bathrooms. Their mayor says around 35 percent of homes and businesses have been destroyed.

Thousands of miles away in Massachusetts is another town called Rockport. Like their neighbors southwest, they are a fishing town that relies heavily on tourism.

"Something needed to be done," said JD Herlihy of the Massachusetts town.

On Friday, Herlihy was watching news coverage of Hurricane Harvey tearing apart his neighbors-in-name.

"It's not just somebody's house, it's their life that's gone," said Herlihy. "I just thought of my hometown and this little village that I live in and what would happen if something happened here like that."

This past weekend, he started collecting donations online for Rockport, Texas, and at last check, more than $6,000 has been raised.

"It feels like not doing enough when you give money, but from this distance, what are we going to do?" asked Laura Vance of Rockport.

On Saturday, Herlihy will be collecting at the Farmer's Market on Saturday for those a little uneasy about giving online.

He hasn't decided how the money will be spent just yet.

"One of the things we want to do is talk to the people in Rockport, Texas, and find out from them where the needs are and where we can make that impact," said Herlihy.

At the end of T Wharf, Kate Cahill owns a gift shop and said this is the way it should be.

"Rockporters help other Rockporters in other communities across the USA, no matter where they are," said Cahill. "That's what American's do."

There is talk of putting a Texas flag on Motif No. 1, an iconic red fisherman's shack along the water, but that plan is in the early stages.

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