Schools Across Massachusetts Get in on Stanley Cup Run Fun

Schools across Massachusetts are getting in on the fun of the Bruins Stanley Cup run. From pep rallies to spirit days, they are showing off their pride for the black and gold.

Students at Francis Wyman Elementary in Burlington came dressed in their gear for a rally featuring the Bruins mascot Friday.

"I like the Bruins because I take after my mom. I like to scream and shout for them," fifth-grader Tayah Fulciniti said.

Fifth-grader Giacomo Berardinelli said he is confident the B’s will win.

"What happened in Game 2 doesn’t matter, they’re still better," he said.

Also rooting for the Bruins is Pingree Primary School in Weymouth, where center Charlie Coyle was once a student. His picture hangs in their wall of fame and his fourth-grade teacher is one of his biggest fans.

"He was a super hard worker and very much into family values," teacher Christine Marcella said.

Pingree also had a rally with the Bruins mascot before the team swept Carolina in the Eastern Conference final. Marcella said Coyle has come back to visit since he started his NHL career and the students see him as a role model.

"They look up to him," Marcella said. "When they see him out there, they believe that if you work hard, you’ll make it."

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