Sea Weed? Man Finds Pot Brick Floating In Ocean

What to Know

  • Jorge Bustamante, an underwater photographer, found the block of marijuana while fishing in Pompano Beach.
  • Bustamante said it was the last item he ever expected to find while out on the ocean.
  • He reported the find to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Jorge Bustamante has discovered Cuban rafts and even a message in a bottle while out on the ocean off the South Florida coast.

The last thing he expected to find? A floating brick of marijuana.

The underwater photographer came across the bobbing block of “sea weed” while fishing off the coast of Pompano Beach with his parents on Monday.

Bustamante's made the fishy find in the Hillsboro Inlet just a few days before his birthday, he said.

"Got an early birthday gift from Pablo Escobar," Bustamante joked in an Instagram post. "Found it off [P]ompano floating in the weed line." 

The photographer said he reported the "contraband catch" to a friend – a commander of the Coast Guard Auxiliary – who then had the Coast Guard contact Bustamante. Bustamante said he didn’t want it broadcast over the emergency frequency because it wasn’t an emergency.

Before the Coast Guard took possession of the marijuana, Bustamante posed for a picture with the “sea weed” and posted it on Instagram. 

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