Second Case of Zika Confirmed in Connecticut

Zika Heat

A second case of Zika virus has been confirmed in Connecticut, the Department of Public Health said. 

The man who had just come back from a Zika-affected area in the Caribbean tested positive for the virus. 

"Today's test result highlights the need for everyone to take precautions if they are traveling to areas affected by Zika," DPH Commissioner Raul Rino said. "While, this virus is particularly dangerous for the babies of pregnant women, men need to be just as vigilant so that they don't transmit the virus to their partners through sexual contact." 

The first patient was in their 60s and had onset of illness on the day they returned from a Zika-affected area in early March, according to DPH. The case was detected by the Department of Public Health's state laboratory as part of the state's expedited response to the virus announced last month, DPH said. 

Symptoms of the Zika virus include skin rash, conjunctivitis, fatigue, chills, headache, and muscle aches.

State sources said the patient has been check out and is recovering. 

Connecticut is the 34th state to reportedly have cases of Zika. There have been 258 cases Zika confirmed in the United States. Out of those, six of those cases were transmitted sexually, the DPH said. 

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