Second Heatwave of 2017 Possible

That stretch finally ended today

It’s been three weeks since our last 80°+ day. That stretch finally ended today! In Boston the official high temperature was 84°, but through the afternoon it has been a tug of war with the sea breeze. The south facing beaches will see relief to the extreme heat. Water temperatures are only in the low to mid 50s, so a southwest wind will keep you cool.

Sunday will kick off a string of heat and humidity.  High temperatures will reach the 90s in most areas. For many towns and cities in New England, this will be the second heatwave of 2017. Remember, for an official heatwave, you need three consecutive days (or more) at or above 90°. If the forecast is verifies, then Boston’s 90° count will be up to 6! (It’s not even officially summer!) Temperatures are also significantly below average for the month. Could we get through another heatwave and end the month with below average temperatures? It is possible.

If you want to go to the beach, be careful if you plan on heading into the water. There is a pretty significant rip current risk. Water temperatures are also dangerously cold. Enjoy it, but be safe.

Tuesday the heat and humidity end with strong to severe thunderstorms. We have a trigger, plenty of fuel and significant energy for the thunderstorms. It’s difficult to forecast a severe weather outbreak in New England several days out, but currently, odds are favoring it. As the forecast stands, damaging winds and hail are the primary threat.

Temperatures behind the fronts slide back below average. Showers may return for the weekend. We have a lot going on next weekend. Sail Boston kicks off on Saturday and Sunday is Father’s Day. There is plenty of time to dry out that forecast.

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