‘Campaign Driven Advertisement': Secretary of State Criticized Over Information in 2018 Massachusetts Voter Guide

“It’s clearly a campaign driven advertisement for him, he mentions himself 12 times," Anthony Amore says

More than four million Massachusetts households have received a copy of the state Voter Guide – a booklet sent from the Secretary of State’s office with everything you need to know about the upcoming 2018 election.

But Secretary Bill Galvin’s Republican opponent says Galvin owes taxpayers an apology and a refund for some of the information included in this year’s book.

Anthony Amore doesn’t have a problem with the election information in this year‘s voter guide... it’s the non-election information that has him outraged: “People of Massachusetts don’t want to see their tax dollars going towards this sort of thing… We’ve talked to the State Ethics commission and the attorney general’s Office about investigating.”

Amore points to page 21 which includes a section directed toward victims of investment fraud suggesting Secretary of State Bill Galvin’s office can help.

Amore says, “It’s clearly a campaign driven advertisement for him, he mentions himself 12 times.”

But Secretary of State Bill Galvin says it’s the exact same information that gets sent to voters each year. Galvin says there were blank pages in the book after losing two ballot questions earlier in the year and it made sense to fill them with useful and neutral information. Galvin says, “One is to help victims of domestic violence. Well he can criticize that all he wants. I’m very proud of what we do there. We protect people’s lives with that program.”

This is not the only issue the two disagree on. Amore a security expert who currently works at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum says the state’s voter registration system is vulnerable.

Galvin says, “He has no idea what he’s talking about. First of all, we are not vulnerable, we were not hacked, we only have paper ballots in Massachusetts.”

Galvin says Amore advocates for much of the voter fraud election views of the Trump administration. Galvin says, “Trump alleged thousands of people from Massachusetts got on buses and went to New Hampshire and other crazy things.”

Amore says he did not vote for Trump adding, “It’s a desperate attempt to paint me as something that the taxpayers of Massachusetts might not like. He’s wrong.”

Amore is calling on Galvin to refund tax payers for the information in the voter guide that had nothing to do with the election.

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