New Hampshire

‘She's a Good Mom': Family Remembers Jassy Correia

The heartbroken father of Jassy Correia thanked law enforcement Friday evening for the work in the devastating investigation, also thanking the community for all of the support the family has received in the wake of her tragic death.

"She's a good mom," said her father, Joaquin Correia.

The victim's father says nobody in the family recognizes Louis Coleman, the suspect in the case.

"I have no idea if Jassy knew this man or not, because I never seen this man in my life," he said.

Family members think Correia just encountered the wrong person.

"She looked vulnerable, so she was an easy target," said cousin Tony Depina.

The close-knit family is grateful someone's under arrest.

"As Christians, we have to learn to forgive," said Depina. "It's not going to bring Jassy back ... the culprit is already apprehended ... justice is going to be served."

A fundraising page has been set up for family members to help Correia's 2-year-old child.

"Something like this can happen to anyone," said Depina. "If you have a child, just hold them tight, just give them a hug."

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