Showers Lift and Sun Emerges Before More Rain Moves In for Weekend

Low pressure is in the Gulf of Maine this morning, with showers continuing in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine with highs in the 50s.

Early fog and drizzle lifts for a nice day with partly sunny skies in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts with a high in the 60s. Additional low pressure is going to ride up the east coast tomorrow, with mostly cloudy skies and rain redeveloping in southwestern New England by mid-day.

High temperatures return to the 60s to near 70 where we get some sunshine for a portion of the day, then falling back into the 60s and 50s with rain becoming moderate to heavy during the evening.

The weekend will probably start off on the gray side with showers and rather mild air with temperatures in the 60s on Saturday.

A vigorous cold front is expected during Saturday with an additional shower or thunderstorm, followed by cooler and drier weather coming in Saturday night.

Air from Canada should bring temperatures back down to the 50s Sunday, with some rain or snow showers in the mountains, otherwise sun and clouds with a brisk breeze from the northwest.

Cool high-pressure moves off to our south early next week with a nice stretch of weather, sunshine on Monday will be back in the lower 60s.

Then it looks like we have sustained warmth for Tuesday into Wednesday and Thursday with high temperatures in the 70s to 80s.

The next front may wait until Thursday or Friday with a chance of a thunderstorm and more seasonable temperatures by next weekend.

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