Showers Soon Arriving Thanks to Battle of Warmth and Cold

Autumn is in full swing and Monday’s forecast is surely reflecting that.

Walking out your door Monday morning, temperatures will linger in the 50s before a brisk breeze begins around our lunch hour.

Although most of New England is beginning its day around the 40s and 50s, a low temperature of 26 has been reported in Presque Isle, Maine. Wow!

We’re in for a dramatic change in forecast pretty soon since we’re smack in the middle of Canada’s cold building and the warm building down in the south. Being in the middle means we’ll get a busy wind with gusts at about 20 to 30 mph that will die down as we head into the afternoon. It also means that we’re subject to rain since we’re in that battle of cold and warm.

That rain is expected Tuesday after a quiet evening of thickening clouds.

Showers will start to arrive in New England early Tuesday and will last through your commute home in the evening.

Those showers will begin to leave Wednesday morning and leave behind some scattered rain with a few rumbles of thunder and the return of humidity.

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