‘Shutdown Swill' Soda Commemorates Government Shutdown

In response to the longest government shutdown in American history, Avery's Beverages of New Briton, Connecticut announced the limited release of a soda called "Shutdown Swill" Tuesday over Facebook.

"It started to become apparent that this shutdown might become a historic event," Rob Metz, general manager of Avery's Beverages told NBC Connecticut. "Maybe we should commemorate it with a soda."

Every part of the soda's design is purposeful.

"We knew we wanted a green colored soda, because it’s all about the money, so we concocted a tasty combination of Blue Raspberry and Orange, with a little extra citric acid for some bitterness," Avery's Beverages wrote on Facebook.

The soda comes with both red and blue caps, so that customers can choose which political party to toast to.

The company is also offering a free bottle of the soda to federal workers who stop by their bottling plant.

"It’s just a small token of thanks for everything these folks do for us every day," Avery's Beverages wrote on Facebook.

Avery's Beverages said they have a history of making sodas to memorialize important political events that started back when President Obama ran against Sen. John McCain. 

The company has received both positive and negative responses to the soda. While Trump supporters interviewed by NBC Connecticut seemed less enthused, customer Chris Moran was eager to purchase the beverage.

"Knowing how foolish this entire thing is, I thought this was a great thing to have," said Moran.

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