Sick of Snow: New Englanders Say They’re Ready for More Sun

A snowy, sleeting, slippery mess is not quite the spring many New Englanders had been hoping for.

“I am sick of it, I’d like to see the sun more often that’s for sure," said Patty Valley.

“I think everybody wants it to kind of reside already,” added Andre Miranda.

It means working into the weekend for public works crews in Leominster, Massachusetts, where we’ll likely see some of the higher snowfall totals this weekend.

“This is what we get for living in New England," Leominster Department of Public Works Foreman David Smith said. "Fortunately, it looks like the sun is going to come out after the fact, we’re going to get a couple of good days of melting and the flowers will bloom.”

But that’s hard to picture for many people right now.

Even though we had a comparatively mild winter, they’re sick of snow and everything it brings with it.

“I love spring and summer, I love the ocean, I love the beach, yup," said Jane Hillman. "I don’t like any of this winter stuff. The snow, the cold - forget it!"

“Not too happy about it," added Franis Vautour, who just flew back from Florida. "I missed the last one. I was hoping there wasn’t going to be anymore storms, but being New England, it happens quite often.”

People in Manchester, New Hampshire, seemed to be making the best of Friday's storm, despite the fact that they could wind up seeing 10 inches of heavy, wet snow.

"Just got my camera," said Adam Frizzell. "It's beautiful out here, so I try to take advantage of the snow."

"At this point I am kind of used to it," aadded Zoey Grenier. "I just don't really think of snow that much. It happens all the time. I just walk downtown - I live pretty close."

Jennifer Ahearn said she plans on just staying home.

"Just kind of cooking tonight, making the best of it," she said. "As long as I have food I'm good."

In Vermont, the high elevations could see a foot of snow overnight and into Saturday morning.

Green Mountain Power is watching conditions statewide and preparing for outages if heavy, wet snow brings down lines or trees.

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