Waterbury Police Search for 3 Missing Siblings Believed to Be With Their Mother

Waterbury Police are searching for three siblings who were reported missing on Saturday and are believed to be with their biological mother. 

Police said Silver Alerts have been issued for 2-year-old Maryah Matthew, 5-year-old Dylan McGrath and 7-year-old Maddison McGrath.

Maryah is described as a girl with black hair and brown eyes. She weighs 30 pounds. 

Dylan is described as a boy who is 4'0" and 50 pounds with brown hair and green eyes.

Maddison is described as a girl who is 4'0" and 40 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

According to police, the children are believed to be with their biological mother, 29-year-old Chrystal McGrath.

Officers said Chrystal is allowed supervised visits with her three children, but she violated the conditions of this supervised release on Saturday.

Police said Chrystal left a McDonald's restaurant on Reidville Drive in Waterbury with the children in a red or maroon four-door sedan with a sunroof. The vehicle is believed to be a Volvo or a Honda.

Chrystal's boyfriend, 38-year-old Lester Joy, is believed to be in the vehicle, authorities said.

Waterbury Police

Chrystal was last seen wearing a black shirt with black pants or tights.

If you have any information that could help police, you're urged to contact Waterbury Police at (203) 574-6911.

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