Snow On the Way

Soon it will start looking and feeling like winter

Meteorological winter started on Thursday (with a high temperature of 57° in Boston). Soon it will start looking and feeling like winter. Temperatures will barely get to 40° Sunday. Sunday evening temperatures will quickly drop into the 20s after sunset. A clipper will move through Monday. With cold air in place, a burst of snow is likely. By 6AM flakes will be flying in western Connecticut and Massachusetts. Snow will continue to spread east – at 8 AM snow is likely in Worcester and Hartford. At 9 AM the snow will arrive at the coast.

Temperatures will be climbing above freezing by lunch time. Even though it’s been warm the last few days, the snow may stick on overpasses and exit ramps Monday morning.

As far as snow accumulations: a coating is possible at the coast. Up to an inch for the 128 corridor. 2” amounts are possible west of 495, throughout southern New Hampshire and Vermont and northern Connecticut.

Wintry precipitation is possible on Wednesday. A quick transition to rain is likely at the coast, but interior New England may see several inches of snow.

A bitter blast will arrive by next weekend. Temperatures will struggle to get out of the 20s (even in Boston). Overnight low temperatures will drop into the single digits and teens. You have been warned!

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