Snow Squalls Ring in Frigid Weekend

Snow squalls swept across the state Friday night with strong winds and a quick burst of wintry weather.

"It's pretty insane, it's hard to get used to," said Jenna Simmons, who just moved to Massachusetts from Texas.

The salt trucks and sanders were ready in Worcester but didn't need to do much, as the snow only lasted about 15 minutes there.

"It's just another day in Massachusetts," said Julie Roderick of Shrewsbury.

And behind it come bitterly cold temperatures this weekend.

"We're used to the bi-polar weather around here," said Holy Cross student Will McGrail. "Just two days ago, it was 65 and sunny, and I was wearing shorts and now I'm wearing sweatpants."

While you can bundle up, some have to work outside no matter how cold the wind chill gets.

"Definitely doesn't help us," explained valet Brad Senosk. "Running, doing the cars all night, definitely tricky with it being bitter cold."

"It gets very cold sometimes," said Timothy Peak, who works outside. "Tomorrow's supposed to be five degrees, but I'll battle through it."

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