Rhode Island

Man Who Helped Stop Armed Bank Robber in Somerville Is Honored

His hip check reportedly knocked loose a bag that had some cash and a gun in it

A Somerville man was recognized by city officials and the police department for slowing down an armed bank robber this spring.

Dave Powers got in the way of a Rhode Island man who robbed the Middlesex Federal Savings Bank in Davis Square on May 1, fired a shot into the ceiling and then exchanged gunfire with officers while running away.

Security cameras caught Powers throwing his hip into Daniel Rosado, 32, from Providence, as the man tried to flee.

Rosado was arrested in Rhode Island on May 23.

Powers was awarded a city citation for his quick reaction. He caused Rosado to drop "crucial evidence" that eventually led to his arrrest. 

Powers works as a web developer in Kendall Square, according to a The Boston Herald.

In charging the suspect, prosecutors had noted that a bystander attempted to tackle him during the pursuit, causing the suspect to drop his backpack, which he abandoned as he fled.

Forensic analysis of the backpack helped identify the suspect, whose driver's license photo matched images of the robber captured by the bank's surveillance video.

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