Connecticut Man Suspected in Murder of Father's Neighbor

Police said the neighbor told police the assailant resembled his son.

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A 31-year-old Wilton man has been charged with the murder of his father's neighbor and police said they identified the suspect when his father told authorities the assailant looked like his son.

Officers responded to Partrick Lane after a neighbor called 911 at 11:15 a.m. Tuesday and they found 39-year-old Arinzechukwu Ukachukwu dead in the detached garage on the property. He’d been stabbed several times.

The neighbor who called 911 told police that he was looking out the window and saw a man who resembled his son assaulting Ukachukwu in the driveway of 34 Partrick Lane, police said.

The neighbor said he believed that Ukachukwu had recently moved into the house and said "I think I saw my son with a knife stabbing him," according to court documents, then drag the body by the feet to the open garage bay..

Police identified Sebastian Andrews, of Indian Hill Road in Wilton, as a suspect, set up a perimeter outside his home and officers detained him when he walked out of his home, police said.

Andrews told a detective that he went to the house to ask "Ari" for a wedge and to see what was going on because he found "them trespassing on his property several times, specifically in the attic" and Ukachukwu looked at him "with eyes that looked insane," according to court documents.

The also made comments about not wanting to help investigators in finding and recovering the knife, according to police.

Andrews was charged with murder and he is in being held on $1 million bond. He will be arraigned at Stamford Superior Court Wednesday.

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