Southbridge, Massachusetts, Subdivisions Face Plow Problem

Residents in two subdivisions in Southbridge, Massachusetts, are worried no one will plow their streets after the developer told the town he can no longer afford to maintain them.

The letter came in early December from developer Jay Pelletz. He never finished the Hunter's Ridge development or another one on Hilltop Drive and now he claims he does not have the money to plow them.

"It was a sham from the start and now we're on our own," homeowner Kris Armstrong said.

The streets of the unfinished subdivision are already deteriorating and homeowners are fearing the worst with the next snowfall.

"He just abandoned us. They didn't have the money. They didn't do what they're supposed to do. It's a disaster," homeowner Scott Hoffman said.

Efforts to reach Pelletz were unsuccessful. His Worcester office is up for sale and his phone line is no longer in service.

Town officials say they have tried to reach him too, but have received no response. They say their hands are tied because the streets are private.

"We're frustrated and we want to help the citizens, but we can't be put in a liability if we go plow a road that doesn't meet town standards," Southbridge Town Manager Ron San Angelo said.

There is a DPW meeting Wednesday night at Southbridge Town Hall to discuss the issue, but San Angelo does not expect a solution anytime soon.

Meanwhile, homeowners are watching and waiting, knowing until the problem is cleared up, it's on them to clear their streets.

"We came out and plowed out here with our snow plows and snow blowers last time," Hoffman said. "But we can't do the whole thing. We will burn the machines out."

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