Southwest Breezes Becoming Huge Haze-Maker

A sharp front that brought us back to the reality of October late Sunday has now settled across Long Island Sound. We’ll sit on the cool side of that front Monday – but just for a day.

The winds of change, i.e. southwest breezes, will turn the late-season heat onto New England by Tuesday. Not only is this out of character for this time of year, but it will also be a huge haze-maker. The warm stew of leftover fog, high humidity, warm temps and a low-angle sun will make for an odd sky appearance. It will also put 80s into play, straight through midweek.

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Drab skies on tap in the meantime. Overcast will hold tight for much of the day, with only hopes for glimpses of sun or bright spots in the afternoon. After a murky start Tuesday, the temps will soar near 80 with developing sun by late morning.

The summer "fun" keeps rolling into Wednesday as many spots outside the Capes/Islands push 80 or better. Humidity will be uncomfortable through Thursday ahead of another cool front.

While its cooling will be somewhat muted for this time of year, it could be a player as soon-to-be Hurricane Michael makes its move toward the Florida Panhandle.

The question revolves around whether Michael latches onto the front and cruises into New England with remnant downpours and wind (with no chance for a direct hit, by the way) by the end of the week, or whether it sails harmlessly offshore.

We have our doubts on the offshore route only because this front doesn’t seem to want to leave us alone. If nothing else, it adds a little drama to the pseudo-summer forecast.

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