Morning Lows Require Light Jacket, Risk for Rip Currents Possible

High pressure is now in control of our weather pattern and a stable air mass is expected over the next several days. Near-average temperatures are expected to end the work week with lower humidity as well.

Morning lows drop into the 50s and even some 40s over Northern New England, so a light jacket will be needed for any outdoor activities during the early morning hours. 

Bright sun will greet us Thursday with lower humidity, and it will be a beautiful day with highs near 80 degrees. However, it will be cooler at the coast once again due to a light sea breeze.

Tropical cyclone Chris is racing away from New England, but there is still a slight risk for rip currents at the beaches and some decent swells for surfers. The potential risk is especially toward the South Coast and the Islands, so if you are headed to the beach, pay attention to the lifeguards.

Friday and into the weekend features a weak front from the south and a weak front from the north trying to squeeze some showers into our picture so we will have sunshine with afternoon clouds and a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. Most of us stay dry with highs in the 80s and a little cooler at the beach, though.

If you are wondering where the heat went, there’s a chance we make it to 90 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  But once again, it’s only a minor chance and most of us are not going to see much rain, so we will have to water our plants and continue to deal with the abnormally dry conditions.

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