Steadiest Rain Ends for Easter Sunday

The greatest threat of flooding for the remainder of the weekend will be through northern New England. Rainfall has been relatively underwhelming, but there has been significant snowmelt, which will contribute to minor and moderate river flooding.

Showers will linger into Easter Sunday as well, but it won’t be widespread and it won’t be particularly heavy. If you have plans for service outside or an Easter egg hunt, we won’t see enough rain to cancel those plans. Temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. It’s possible we could overachieve if we see enough sunny breaks.

Shower chances will be plentiful during the week ahead. Our driest day looks to be Thursday. Temperatures will range from the mid-50s midweek to the mid-60s during the bookends of the week. The highest rainfall chance is on Wednesday and it’s possible that we could see a round of heavier rain.

Next weekend is looking much nicer. We should see sunny skies and temperatures ranging from the low to mid-60s. That kind of weather will likely continue into early the following week.

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