First Accumulating Snow May Arrive to Some Areas Soon

After a pleasant Sunday, Monday will follow suit with a slight nudge in the temps. However, we’re not out of that wet, rapid-fire weather pattern just yet.

Already another storm system is gathering strength in the Deep South and promises to soak our Tuesday morning with more wind and rain.

It’s more of what we don’t need: heavy rain (with potential river and stream flooding) and gusty winds (with a potential for isolated power outages). This system will hurry in late Monday night, with the Tuesday morning commute wrestling with downpours and an increasing wind.

Chilly temps are expected most of the day, and with precipitation arriving in the overnight hours, there may be enough cold to mix in some sleet (also like last time) in Greater Worcester and Southern New Hampshire in the first few hours of the storm. 

When the last drops fall -– or at least taper to mist and drizzle -- in the late afternoon, another inch or two is possible for many spots in Southern New England, while far Northern New England shovels 3-to-6-inches of snow.

Cold rushes back to the scene on Wednesday, along with -- you guessed it --more wind. We’ll get to dry out for a couple days before the next storm moves in on Friday.

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This may deliver the first accumulating snow for the season to Central Massachusetts, the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire as it feeds off the abnormally cold airmass left in the wake of the previous storm.

As you might expect, this far out and this early in the season, there are plenty of ways this forecast could unravel, so we’ll follow it closely after we get the first storm under our belts.

Lots to track this week! Stay with us.

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