The Crazy Story Behind Beyonce's 2012 Met Gala Dress

What goes into styling Beyonce for the Met Gala? Apparently, it can all take less than 24 hours.

The pregnant singer will probably be a no-show this year, but we'd be remiss not to acknowledge the most epic moments from the biggest night in fashion's past. Beyonce, of course, owns many of them.

Remember her pale-pink latex ensemble from 2016? Then there was that high ponytail and naked dress combo for the China: Through the Looking Glass theme. Year after year, she impresses (in mostly Givenchy). And year after year, you'll see stylist Ty Hunter trailing behind her, fluffing and fixing her train on the famously steep, red steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Although Hunter doesn't have any plans to attend the star-studded extravaganza this year, one can never know. Beyonce could call him day of and tell him that she wants to attend. She did just that in 2012.

"It was Met Gala, and Beyonce decided that day that she wanted to go," Hunter revealed to E! News.

While most stylists would balk at the thought of prepping for such a high-profile event in less than 24 hours, Beyonce relayed a much more nonchalant attitude about attending. (Who knew you could RSVP on such short notice!)

"It was like, 'If we can, we go. If we can't, we won't," he recalled. The team was in the midst of rehearsing for an upcoming tour, and there was little time to plan. Not to mention, it was one of the first times Beyonce would be seen in public after having daughter Blue Ivy. "Thank god Givenchy made a dress for her for a prior event that we didn't use."

The veteran stylist made a simple call into the Parisian fashion house, and luckily, they were able to expedite the gown back onto Beyonce's body.

The dress that saved the day? A black, long-sleeved, embellished, see-through dress that masterfully transitioned into a purple, feathered train.

"It was kind of the beginning of the illusion dress," Hunter noted. "It fit perfect. The dress didn't really need anything else."

The veteran stylist did put in a quick call to jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who "always seems to have what we need," a.k.a. a pair of diamond stud earrings. The rest, as they say, was fashion history.

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