Responds: Stove Troubles Kick Major Retailer Into Gear

When Enza Giacalone, of Walpole, wasn't getting anywhere with Sears for her stove range repairs, she reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds for help

What to Know

  • When Enza Giacalone bought her electric cooking range in 2015 from Sears, she purchased the five-year protection plan warranty.
  • She called Sears to get the burner indicator light fixed but was given the run-around when the company told her they needed parts.
  • Giacalone finally reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds for help after not getting anywhere with Sears.

When you buy a major kitchen appliance, adding an extended warranty is often an option. A Massachusetts woman did just that and then discovered she couldn’t get the repair she thought she deserved.

Enza Giacalone, of Walpole, cooks up a storm for her husband Joe, their kids, and grandchildren.

"When my family comes for dinner, I try to make pasta forno, the pasta is in the oven,” said Giacalone. "I try to make layers of the pasta with filling inside, the lasagna, and the chicken cutlet. I got to make everybody happy."

Giacalone uses her electric cooking range a lot. When she bought it in 2015 from Sears, she purchased the five-year protection plan warranty.

Last year, when she realized the burner indicator light that goes on when the stove is in use was no longer working, she called Sears to get it fixed.

"The guy came and inspected the stove," said Giacalone.

She said he told her they needed to order a part, and that someone would contact her to schedule the repair.

"I was waiting for them to call me to send the guy — the first week, the second week, a month,” explained Giacalone.

But nothing happened. Giacalone says she called Sears at least six times over a period of six months trying to get the range fixed. She says Sears told her again and again that the parts department would contact her directly when they had what they needed in stock.

"I wait and wait and nobody call me," said Giacalone. "I called back again and he says, 'no we going to do it now. In two, three days you're going to hear from us. If not, you call.' I says, 'no, this is the last time I call you, because the next time it's not gonna be me calling you anymore.'"

Frustrated, Giacalone reached out to NBC10 Boston Responds for help. We contacted Sears and asked them to take a look at the couple's complaint. Giacalone said immediately after NBC10 Boston Responds contacted the company, Sears reached out to her to offer her and her husband a replacement range.

In a statement, Sears said: "At Sears, the satisfaction of our members is our top priority. Prior to hearing from NBC10, we were already in the process of authorizing a replacement for Mr. Giacalone. He has since selected his replacement and is satisfied."

Giacalone's new electric range was recently delivered and she says it's already getting a lot of use.

"I don't know what you guys did," said Giacalone. "(I'm) happy now."

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