Strength-Training Exercises Perfect for Runners

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Runners, well, like to run and may skip other forms of exercise. But, runners may want to rethink their regimens because research shows adding strength training can actually improve their aerobic ability.

Katie Barrett Brown is a runner and the co-head of B/SPOKE Studio's Strength program. She shares four exercises runners should add to their routine.

Strength-Training Exercises For Runners:

1. Clam Shells:

Begin by lying on your side with your elbow on the ground and your arm propping up your head. Make sure your top hip is stacked over your bottom hip, your knees are together, and your ankles are positioned behind your back.

Next, slowly lift the knee on top of your bottom leg keeping your ankles together.

Continue to open and close ten times/set. Work up to three sets or whatever your doctor/trainer decides is right for you.

You should feel the benefits of this exercise in the side muscle of your hips.

2. Birddogs:

Starting in a table-top position on the ground, begin by engaging your core, tightening it throughout the exercise.  This is intended to be a core-stability exercise.

Extend your left arm and right leg--- as far as you can—as if something is pulling on you.  

Then, continue the repetitions by switching alternating sides.

Keep a nice flat back and neutral neck position.

Katie suggests bridges and single-leg Romanian deadlifts as well. great strength training exercises for runners are Single Leg RDL, and bridges.

Watch Katie's appearance on The Hub Today above to see how to do some of the moves the right way.

Always check with your medical professional or trainer before starting an exercise regimen to see what is right for you.

For more tips from Katie find her on social @katiebarrettbrown.

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