Surveillance Footage Shows Passenger Punching Bus Driver

Sixteen people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries in the crash

Surveillance footage obtained by NBC10 Boston shows a passenger repeatedly punching a bus driver in Randolph, Massachusetts.

The attack happened on Aug. 5. Prosecutors said 24-year-old Matthew Young, of Boston, attacked the driver after he was not allowed to disembark between stops. The driver, identified in court paperwork as Denis Pierre, blacked out from the blow and crashed into another car, the prosecution said. Sixteen people were injured in the crash.

In the video, Young can be seen confronting the driver, arguing that his stop was missed and demanding for the bus to stop.

"I'm about to punch you in your face," he said at one point.

As the driver keeps going, the passenger gets more agitated, shouting and swearing at him to stop the bus.

The video appears to show Young taking at least five swings at the driver before falling out of camera view. Prosecutors said other passengers on the bus took him down.

Young is facing charges including assault and battery on a bus driver, assault and battery resulting in serious bodily injury and a felony charge of wrongful interference of operation of a vehicle carrying passengers.

The assault caused the bus driver to rear-end a car and hit a utility police on North Main Street, according to police. Those hurt in the crash included both drivers, a 10-year-old boy and a passenger in the car.

Those hurt suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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