Teens Found With Marijuana Cookies Planned to Sell Them at Parties: Police

North Haven police said they nabbed two teens who had almost 140 marijuana cookies and planned to sell them at teen parties.

An officer was checking on two suspicious vehicles parked in the Grover-Wyman Park after dark and found two North Haven teenagers, police said. The officer then smelled marijuana and seized nearly 140 marijuana cookies, as well as $421 in cash, police said. 

The teens were charged as juveniles and released to their parents. 

Police said they are seeing an increase in teens using marijuana edibles and it can be dangerous. 


Authorities warn the homemade drug-laced treats have high doses of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and the teens might eat more when there is no immediate effect. 

Because it takes longer to feel the effects, teens are at risk of serious anxiety attacks and psychotic-like symptoms and might need to be hospitalized.

Police are encouraging parents to educate children about the reality of the seeming innocent appearing cookies.

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