Temperatures Rebound Ahead of Wet, Windy Marathon Monday

Temperatures in New England have been running close to 4 degrees below normal each day so far this month, with just about every other day having snow fall somewhere in our six state region.

Today we begin to turn a corner, under plenty of sunshine the temperature will rebound to 50 degrees in many spots.

Any frost and fog, or black ice, will be melting very quickly with that nice April sunshine and very little wind. But what wind there is, is coming in off of the ocean, where the water temperature is 40 degrees. So from the coast of Maine, through Cape Ann, to Cape Cod, the high temperature will be in the low to mid 40s. Also, many clouds near the shore may be stubborn to burn off.

A weak front crosses New England tonight, with a chance for a rain or snow shower. It's a warm front, the leading edge of relative warmth that's coming in for a couple of days.

Under a mix of sun and clouds we should warm from the 30s tomorrow morning to near 60 degrees by afternoon.

Most of New England should be on the warmer side of the front Friday too, with a high temperature in the 60s to near 70 degrees if we can get enough sunshine in southern New England.

However, colder air in southeastern Canada may push south Friday afternoon, with many clouds and temperatures falling back into the 30s toward the Canadian border.

The weekend features a tough forecast challenge. Very cold air in southeastern Canada will be pushing south at low levels in the sky, at the same time very warm air tries to come from the south at higher levels in the sky.

This result is a stark contrast and temperature, high temperatures Saturday may be in the 20s in northern Maine, while close 80 degrees at New York City at the same time.

For most of New England that means clouds with a chance of some light rain or mountain snow, high temperatures averaging in the 40s and 50s.

We may get away with a few hours of dry weather Sunday before a push of tropical warmth and humidity tries to run back into the cold that is present.

That may result in dense fog, and a chance of rain, and/or mountain snow developing later Sunday.

Temperatures likely stuck in the 30s and 40s for most of us Sunday.

A powerful storm is forecast to move across northern New York on Monday with a chance of heavy rain and wind, perhaps mixed with mountain snow.

Though it is still fairly far out, and not a very high confidence forecast, it looks wet and windy at the Boston Marathon.

There-after, we will have to keep an eye and more cold in Canada and perhaps additional storminess next week.

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