Thanksgiving Holiday Weather Starts Quiet, Then Unsettled

After up to two feet of snow in the terrain of Western New England this weekend, the forecast turns far quieter heading into Thanksgiving.

Lingering snow showers will taper off in the mountains on Tuesday, while the rest of New England sees chilly sunshine with a gusty wind.

That wind, which has resulted in air and ferry delays, will finally relax on Wednesday. At the same time we’ll see lots of sunshine across New England, meaning pre-holiday travelers will face minimal impacts due to weather conditions.

That holds true for many areas outside of New England on Wednesday, too. Much of the nation will be quiet aside from some rain showers in the Ohio River Valley and Mid-West, and a few snow showers in the upper Mid-West.

Thursday will also be reasonably quiet across the country, excluding some developing rain and snow in the Northwest and a few very light rain or snow showers here in New England.

The sprinkles and flurries on the holiday in our area will be more of a nuisance than anything else. The gloomy conditions should not significantly impact travel.

Expect similar conditions, with a few light rain and snow showers, on Black Friday in New England as well.

However, the potential exists for some travel disruptions across New England late Friday night into Saturday. There’s an indication that a more organized system may bring a bit more rain or snow to parts of area, especially in Maine and near the coast, during that time. We’ll keep close tabs on that, and have more as we get closer.

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