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The Best Wine to Fall for This Season

Cheers to the good life and fine wine, courtesy of The Urban Grape

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It's time for wine! If you're a wine-sipping connoisseur, sit back, relax and learn about some of the best wines for the fall season.

TJ Douglas, co-owner and CEO of The Urban Grape, refuses to allow people to be intimidated by wine. He explains why Pinot Noir, a Boston favorite, is one of the most versatile varietals on the market.

Douglas stopped by The Hub Today and discussed how a trip to The Urban Grape is about so much more than finding your number one vino. He says it helps to support Black and women-owned vintners, diverse winemakers, and future wine experts.

In his interview, he also talked about the Progressive Wine Co., which he and his wife started to create more access to the wine industry. "We feel that in our world that everyone is a wine drinker, and a dollar from every bottle... goes back and funds our cohorts out in California, and it funds the Urban Grape Wine Studies Award for Students of Color."

Watch TJ's interview above and hear his top wine picks for fall.

Mommy wine culture. C'mon, you know what we're talking about. You open a bottle of wine while cooking and then pour another one or two glasses over dinner -- maybe every night since the pandemic struck. Are playdates and kids' birthday parties also fueled by wine? Is it just a social sign of the times or is the culture a real problem for some? It's an important Mom2Mom you can't miss.
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