The Moms of NBC10 Boston, Necn, and Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra

In honor of Mother's Day, our staff shared photos and stories about their moms.

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Ally Donnelly
Ally Donnelly with her kids, Izzie and Lucy
Ally Donnelly
Ally Donnelly; her kids, Izzie and Lucy; and her mother, Kris Brennan
Ally Donnelly/necn
Ally Donnelly: My mom is one of the strongest women I know. Through adversity, she taught her six kids to power through. She dragged us along on wacky adventures – I once slept on a low-slung, chicken-wire bed as rodents ran beneath us in a lean-to campsite along the Appalachian Trail. She was not an experienced hiker/camper and only brought one of those thin blankets with satin trim that she had grabbed from home to keep us warm. What she lacked in preparation she made up in gumption. We later ate Wheat Thins and summer sausage on one of the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen. My mom taught me to laugh long and hard and stop to smell the roses … and I do!
NBC10 Boston Sports Anchor Raul Martinez with his mom, Charlyn.
Getty Images
NBC10 Boston Sports Anchor Raul Martinez and his kids with his mom, Charlyn.
Harbor Realty
Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra reporter Adriana Loya, left, with her mom.
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Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra reporter Adriana Loya, right, with her mom.
Sotheby's International Realty
Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra reporter Adriana Loya, right, with her mom.
NBC10 Boston and necn meteorologist with Michael Page with his mom, Stacey.
Michael Page
Michael Page with his mother Stacey and sister Sara on vacation in Portugal.
Here is necn meteorologist Michael Page and his mom Stacey on their way to dinner in the North End.
Michael Page
Here's Michael Page with his mom and dad.
Katherine Underwood/necn
Katherine Underwood: My inspiration, my super woman, my best friend... My mom, Vanessa Underwood (pictured here with me and my sister Caroline), is a three-time kidney transplant recipient and a cancer survivor. She's proof that staying positive, being thankful for what you have, and living an active lifestyle can carry you through life's hardest times. She'll tell you it hasn't been easy, and she hasn't smiled through it all - but she's smiling now, and I am so lucky to smile with her. My mom's struggles have taught our family to enjoy life's little gifts, and to cherish every single day. For that, Mom, "thank you" will never be enough. I love you! Happy Mother's Day!
Katherine Underwood
Reporter Katherine Underwood and her mother.
Katherine Underwood
Reporter Katherine Underwood and her mother.
Brian Shactman/necn
Brian Shactman: This picture from my sister’s wedding is from one of the sunnier days of my youth. It is not like my childhood was bad. In fact, it was a relatively normal and healthy upbringing in Swampscott, Massachusetts. But as the youngest of three “active” kids, I (we) often drove my mother pretty crazy. One classic (and shareable) story is that, often, when she left the house, we would move the living room furniture, roll up a few pair of socks (or use a hockey ball) and play knee hockey. Perhaps the only really nice item left in the living room was the glass cover for the fireplace. Of course, you know what’s coming. One errant slapshot, and that thing was smashed. Of all the things in that room, that was one we could not cover up. In the past, we’d glue vases, patch up baskets and flip around lampshades. But this one was unavoidable … and it was our last knee hockey game in that living room - at least as far as she knows. So Mom, it’s good to see you smiling here.
Alison King/necn
Alison King: My mother, Nancy Moffitt King (pictured here with me at my bridesmaid luncheon in 1999) has been the strongest role model in my life and is the best person I know. She exudes kindness, warmth and compassion – qualities that made her a fantastic nurse, her career until raising four children. Mom got a Master's degree from Columbia University at a time when many women didn't go to college and she always taught her kids to shoot for the stars, to be adventurous in life, but mostly to treat people of all stripes with respect and dignity. She also has a silly streak and the two of us can break into peels of laughter over the most ridiculous things. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
Jackie Bruno/necn
Jackie Bruno: My mother, Denise, is my best friend. On my wedding day, she was not only the mother of the bride, but also my matron of honor. She's been there for all the best times in my life and all the tough times too. She has taught me how to be a mother to my new son Jack.
Jackie Bruno
Entertainment Reporter Jackie Bruno with her husband Joe, her sons James and Jack and her dog Buddy.
Latoyia Edwards/necn
Latoyia Edwards: I'm the oldest of my Mom's 7 children but she always took time to make me feel special. She attended every basketball game, school play, and speech competition. I aspire to be the same encouraging Mom that she is. I love her so much.
Anchor Latoyia Edwards proudly volunteering on Comcast Cares Day with her 12-year-old daughter and 2-year-old-son.
Leslie Gaydos
Leslie Gaydos says: "As a mom myself now, I wonder how my mother ever found the time to do all the things she did! I'm not sure I'll ever measure up to her, but I keep trying. Mom has been slowed down by a stroke, but she keeps laughing and is looking forward to her upcoming 90th birthday."
Alysha Palumbo/necn
Alysha Palumbo: My mom Kathy Palumbo is the reason I am the person I have become. She has been my biggest cheerleader, my most constructive critic, my friend and my role model. Holiday photos like the one above became a ritual in our family. My mom insisted on them on any special occasion. Usually the photo shoot would end in tears and maybe a fight or two, but the photos through the years are irreplaceable memories. Now that I'm a mom to my 3-year-old son Bryce and my mom is a Grammy, I am proudly following in her footsteps creating similar memories with my own family.
Tim Kelley/necn
Tim and Carolyn Kelley in South Dennis, Mass. He says he gave his mom sunshine for Mother's Day.
Kristin Dube
Here's necn assignment editor Kristin Dube and her mom Kathy enjoying a Red Sox game.
Joe McDavitt
Necn Customer Service Representative Joe McDavitt send in a photo of him and his mom Suzy at Blue on Highland Avenue in Needham, Mass.
Sue O'Connell
Here is host of necn's The Take Sue O'Connell's mom Irene Quinn in 1940 when she worked for her Uncle Harry's Rodeo. The Rodeo toured through the south and south west. She managed the concession stands.
Sean Colahan
Necn photographer Sean Colahan sent in a photo of him and his mom Gail. Sean says he won a VIP package to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT, but his wife couldn't go so he decided to take his mom.
Getty Images
Here's necn Vice President of Sales Annie Peters with her mom Carole and her son Garrett at Comcast Cares Day which was also her mom's 82nd birthday!
Michael Pescaro
Necn web producer Michael Pescaro and his mom Carolyn at a family wedding.
Kathryn Sotnik: My mom is the most gentle, caring, selfless and loving mother anyone could ask for. I have three sisters. She raised us to be strong, independent women. She can always be counted on for a laugh, advice, or some excellent home cooking! We named our daughter, Jackie, after her. In the summer we like to go the beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island. We also get clam cakes and chowder, ice cream, and shop. She also sneaks away to Florida every winter for one month.
Kathryn Sotnik
Reporter Kathryn Sotnik with her kids Jackie and Alex.
Kate Minichiello
Here's Director of Human Resources Kate Minichiello and her daughter Brielle.
Cassy Aresenault
Reporter Cassy Aresenault with her mother.
Susan Tran
Here's reporter Susan Tran and her mom.
Audrey Asistio
Here's NBC Boston anchor/reporter Audrey Asistio and her daughter.
Audrey Asistio
And here she is with her mother and daughter.
Abbey Niezgoda
Reporter Abbey Niezgoda and her mom. Her mother was a television reporter and is now a news director. Abbey said her mom is truly her inspiration!
Sue O'Connell
Here's host of necn's "The Take" Sue O'Connell with her daughter Rubi
Perry Russom
EMPTY_CAPTION"My mom, Lynn, has been my biggest cheerleader and motivation from the start," reporter Perry Russom says. "Always there to talk on the phone and watches NBC Boston from back home in Philadelphia. Even more proud of her that she is receiving her doctorate in education!"
Perry Russom
Reporter Perry Russom and his mother.
Pamela Gardner
Meteorologist Pamela Gardner and her mom on top of Mount Washington.
Meg O'Donnell
Here's writer and producer Meg O'Donnell with her mom Mary.
Denise Isaac
Meteorologist Denise Isaac with her daughter.
Kristy Lee
Here's anchor Kristy Lee and her mom hanging out in Cambridge.
Ifeoma Belonwu
Here's Traffic Coordinator Ifeoma Belonwu and her mom about 30 years ago.
Ifeoma Belonwu
And here they are last Mother's Day!
Anchor/reporter Joy Lim Nakrin sent us this photo of her and her mom
Rachael Ray
And Joy also sent us a more recent photo of her and her mom with some adorable dogs!
Dulce Gutierrez Calvo
Our sales marketing planner, Dulce Gutierrez Calvo, with her mother Dolores Calvo Lopez. Her mother speaks Zapotec, so Dulce provided a poem in her language: Dear mother, fragrant jasmine from the Isthmus. These verses are yours, as yours is my whole heart. Jñiaa’, jñiaa’ huiine’, bixidu’ duubi’, xandié naxhi. Ti guicha íquelu’ risaca bia’ risaca guirá’ beleguí cá guibá’. Ti guendaruxidxi xtilu’ ribeeguite naa lade guie’ xiñá’ cayele gasi. Jñiaa’, jñiaa’ huiine’, saa guibá’, bidó’ cha’ hui’. Guendanabani xtinne’ nudiee’ ti ñapa’ lii, bia’ dxi nizaya’ guidxilayú ri’. Runi ca guielulu’ ñuaya’ gubidxa ne niguite’ laa lunaya’. Jñiaa’, jñiaa’ huiine’, guela dú, guie´xhuuba’ yeche’, xtilu’ ca diidxaguie’ ri’ cásica xtilu’ guidubi ladxidua’.
Dan Stein
Writer Dan Stein and his mother Jackie, a strong an dedicated woman.
Lynnette Barreto
Customer Service Representative Lynnette Barreto and her mother Iris.
Mariya Lewter
Our social media producer, Mariya Lewter, and her mother Tracey.
Mariya Lewter
Our social media producer, Mariya Lewter, and her mother Tracey.
Amy Carrocia
Account Executive Amy Carrocia with her two children, 4-year-old Charlotte and 1-year-old Hayes.
Paige Hornor
NBC10 Boston Producer Paige Hornor with her mom Lee. Paige says “My mom is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She always encouraged me to pursue a career that I’m passionate about and follow my dreams. Here she is literally cheering me on at a recent ballroom dance performance!”
Chelsea Catlette
Traffic Coordinator Chelsea Catlette as a child and her mom Debbie.
Chelsea Catlette
Chelsea Catlette and her mom today.
Pam Bechtold Snyder
Executive producer of local programming Pam Bechtold Snyder riding the swan boats with her mom on a school field trip.
Pam Bechtold Snyder
Pam and Mom on her wedding day.
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