The Pets of NBC Boston, necn, and Telemundo Boston

Introducing the pets of NBC Boston, necn, and Telemundo Boston and their wonderful owners!

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Tim Farrell
Production Specialist Tim Farrell shared a photo of his dog Shadow. He said, "Shadow is my dog who moved up here from CT. He grew up a Mets fan but Boston is winning him over quickly."
Mike Bellwin
Here's Chief Photographer Mike Bellwin's dog Hilo. He's an 8-year-old basset mix he rescued from "Save A Dog" in Subury, Massachusetts.
Karen Hensel
Here are Investigative Reporter Karen Hensel's cats Shadow and Sport she and her family rescued 12 years ago!
Natasha Verma
Natasha Verma
Natasha Verma
She's a Bernese Mountain Dog with a big personality and even bigger appetite for snow!
Natasha Verma
Here's Traffic Anchor Natasha Verma with her dog Duchess. She says, "My puppy Duchess has brought so much joy and love into my life!"
Lisa Gustafson
Here's Account Executive Lisa Gustafson's cat Eddy. He was adopted from the Animal Rescue League in Providence after he was featured in a "pet-of-the-week" segment on WPIR's "The Rhode Show."
Nick Emmons
Nick Emmons
Nick Emmons
Here are anchor Nick Emmons' dogs Frank and Beans.
Susan Tran
Here's anchor/reporter Susan Tran's 3-year-old All-America Mutt Margaret.
Susan Tran
Susan says Margaret was saved by Shultz's Guest House in Dedham from a high kill shelter in Tennessee.
Susan Tran
Susan and her husband have had Margaret since she was a puppy.
Susan Tran
Susan Tran
TJ Killilea
Here's producer TJ Killilea's cats Sookie and Lulu.
Thomas McGinnis
Here's Traffic Manager Thomas McGinnis with his dog.
Thomas McGinnis
Thomas McGinnis
Mark Herman
Here's director Mark Herman's 10-year-old Labradoodle named Shelby.
Mark Herman
Leigh Feldman
Here is Account Executive Leigh Feldman's maltipoo Griffin. She adopted her in January from a rescue in Texas.
Lauren Healey
Check out Customer Service Representative Lauren Healey's cat Kippen.
Keith Barbaria
Keith Barbaria
Vice President of Technology Keith Barbaria shared a photo of Cassie, short for Cassiopeia, who was rescued from the Boston Animal League this past April.
Latoyia Edwards
What's better than 1 about 2. Peanut and Gumball have expanded my capacity for Love.
Latoyia Edwards
Here's another photo of anchor Latoyia Edwards. She said, After being bitten by dogs twice as a little kid, I became severely afraid of Dogs. That is until my husband and daughter convinced me to get a Pug. Gumball stole my Heart. Soon I had to get a 2nd Pug so Gumball wouldn't be lonely.
Kenny Plotnik
Kenny Plotnik, the NBC Boston, necn, and Telemundo Boston news director, adopted Roxy from a shelter nine years ago!
Kenny Plotnik
Here's another shot of Roxy!
Kenny Plotnik
Roxy, adopted at just 9 months old, jumps high and loves to lick.
Brian Butler
Photographer Brian Butler shared a photo of his adopted cat Meatloaf.
Kate Minichiello
Human Resources director Kate Minichiello shared a photo of her Puggle/Boston terrier dog Bella with her daughter.
Chad Bern
Vice President of Finance Chad Bern shared a photo of his mini-schnauzer dogs Isabelle and Oliver.
Kathryn Sotnik
Anchor/reporter Kathryn Sotnik shared a photo of her cat Lucy.
Kathryn Sotnik
Here's a pic of me with Lucy my beloved cat! Adopted from the Providence Rescue League. She enjoys chasing the birds by day, sleeping the rest of the time! Taken in our home.
Monica Madeja
Reporter Monica Madeja holds Miley, who she met at a special shelter where she volunteered in Missouri. Her boyfriend, Doug, holds their new buddy, Peter, who they met thanks to rescue organization "Save Our Souls" of Rhode Island.
Merrill Flood
Account Executive Merrill Flood shared a photo of her dogs Macy and Monty who are 1 year old and 6 months old.
Merrill Flood
And here's Merrill's husband David with their other dog Montego Bay.
I adopted my calico cat Kitty from the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston, Maine two years ago. She weighed just one pound, because she was the runt of her litter. The shelter named her Trinket, but for some reason, the name Kitty just stuck. She's gotten bigger, but is still a small cat. Kitty is a very vocal and expressive cat. She loves to eat salmon and cheese. Kitty has a very unique trick: she dips her paw into wet cat food and brings it up to her mouth to eat it! I think it means she is a genius - or has great table manners.
Danielle Waugh
Necn reporter Danielle Waugh adopted her cat Camden from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland after last year's Clear the Shelter event in Westbrook! Camden is very vocal, active and adorable. She loves her big sister Kitty (also an adopted shelter cat!).
Entertainment and features reporter Jackie Bruno shared a photo of her dog Buddy. She said, Buddy is our shih tzu. We absolutely love him! This is him celebrating the Fourth of July last year!
Jackie Bruno
To say we love Buddy is an understatement! We are obsessed with Buddy! He is the sweetest dog ever. He loves everyone he meets, gives out lots of kisses, and is a great big brother to our son Jack! Buddy is a shih tzu.
Tony Sabato
Baxter is a 6 year old Terrier Schnauzer mix adopted from Animal Humane New Mexico two years ago. His favorite activities are going on walks and enjoying a good snuggle on the couch. The amount of love and happiness he has brought to my fiancé Anna and I is indescribable. It's hard to tell who rescued who! Adopting a shelter pet is one of the best decisions we have ever made!
Latoyia Edwards
Latoyia with her two pugs, Gumball and Peanut!
Ryan Vorapheth
Here's Financial Analyst Ryan Vorapheth with his cat. He says, my cat Sasuke was only 8 weeks old when I first saw him at a friend’s house while visiting NYC in 2008. It was love at first sight but I couldn’t bring him back to Boston during the time. So my best friend drove 200+ miles to deliver him to me in Boston. I couldn’t thank my friend enough for doing so and I couldn’t be more happier since it’s my first real pet. Strangely my cat behaves like a dog but that’s what makes them interesting pets.
Kristen Brown
Here is director Kristen Brown with her husband and cat. She says, This is Mr Littlejeans… My husband Nate and I adopted him from a local farm in Norton Mass. He is filled with personality and often adopts my goofy husband’s personality so it’s always a fun time when we have “family time”.
T.J. Walsh
Here is ENG operator T.J. Wash with his dog "Sox," rescued from Sweet Paws rescue.
Katherine Underwood
This is Louie, my best bud. He was born on Valentine's Day in 2010. Louie has moved with me six times, from Elmira, New York, to Albany, New York, then to Portland, Maine, to Manchester, New Hampshire and the many apartments in between. He loves to swim, prances in the snow, and is the very best snuggle bug I know. If you don't yet have a dog, I promise you, getting one will be the best decision you'll ever make. I love my #Louieman.
Maxine Giza
Maxine, digital producer, and her beloved cat, "Flynn-Rider." Flynn-Rider was adopted last year from Second Chance Animal Shelter in Brookfield, Massachusetts. He is a feisty little guy who has brought his family much happiness.
Charis Dalessio
Here's graphic designer Charis Dalessio and her cat. She says, I adopted Marcy from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA almost three years ago. Since that day, she has been my loyal best friend. No matter where I am, Marcy isn’t too far behind. Or ahead. Or stealing my hair bands. Or sitting RIGHT in front of the TV. No one will ever know how hard it was to take this photo with her as she is strangely camera shy. Either way, it’s never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Alysha Palumbo
Our family has adopted two shelter dogs over the years - 12-year-old Maggie and 8-year-old Brady. Our "first born" Maggie is a golden retriever/yellow lab/cocker spaniel mix who was adopted by Alysha as a surprise for Chris's birthday from a humane society near Traverse City, MI. Brady - a.k.a. "The Franchise" - is a feist terrier who was adopted from a shelter near Buffalo, NY after Alysha did a story there and fell in love with him as a brother for Maggie. Adopting them was not only an awesome experience for us, but our 3-year-old son Bryce has grown up with them and not only loves playing fetch and running around with them, but he has learned at a young age to respect and love all animals.
Kristy Lee
Abbey, my morkie, helping me blow out my birthday candles!
Kristy Lee
Here's another shot of Abbey!
Monica Madeja
This is my dog Miley. I adopted her from a shelter I volunteered at in Missouri. She was brought in as a scared stray terrier, and is a very quick escape artist. In fact the shelter had to use another dog to help corral her once! When I left the state I took her with me. She's been my sidekick through 6 years and lots of moves! (Despite this photo she is an independent lady and hates being held!)
Kristin Dube
Here is Assignment Editor Kristin Dube and her dog. She says, Fenway is 6-years-old! She was adopted from Tennessee. Her original name was "Little Bit."
Leslie Gaydos
We adopted sweet Daisy as a kitten from the Boston MSPCA adoption center. She likes to hangout by our fish tank and push things off of dressers and countertops!
Ally Donnelly
Investigative reporter Ally Donnelly with her dog Sugar
Ally Donnelly
Ally Donnelly with her daughters and Sugar.
Ally Donnelly
Ally, Sugar and pals on the porch!
Brian Butler
Here's photographer Brian Butler and Tony the turtle!
Karen Gagne
Karen Gagne, Director, Strategic Sales and Marketing with her dog Virgil.
Karen Gagne
And here's Karen with her dog Emmitt.
Mike Bellwin
Here is Chief Photographer Mike Bellwin and his dog. He says, this is Hilo at one of his favorite places - the dog wash! He's a 6-year-old Beagle/Basset Hound mix we recently rescued from Save A Dog in Sudbury, Mass.
Tim Kelley
Our family pets are Maine Coon Cats. Bode is red silver tabby and Mitt is classic red mackerel. They are not only best friends to my wife Janet and me, but they are also besties to each other. We got Bode first, but because we travel a lot, we wanted Bode to have a buddy. So we found Mitt for him. It worked out great. Bode is the smart, somewhat aloof big brother who nurtures and plays with Mitt. They have quite distinct personalities. Mitt will say hello to everyone all the time, Bode is skittish and takes a while to warm up to new human friends.
Jeff Robert
Morning executive producer Jeff Robert shared a photo of his new puppy Mookey.
Pete Bouchard
Meteorologist Pete Bouchard shared a photo of his dog Frodo who is a two-year-old Norwegian Elkhound.
Pete Bouchard
Here's another shot of Frodo.
Melody Mendez
Anchor Melody Mendez loves her 6-year-old rescue dog Ike. She says he loves time on the boat with me.
Melody Mendez
Here's Ike enjoying the boat.
Melody Mendez
And spending time on the paddle board.
Melody Mendez
Here's Ike enjoying his usual spot at home on the couch.
Melody Mendez
Melody Mendez
Marlena Spurr
Assignment Editor Marlena Spurr rescued her cats Quinn and Cole from Tennessee.
Debbie King
Here's Senior Assignment Editor Debbie King's cat Shmeeg.
Kyle Bergeron
Check out Assignment Editor Kyle Bergeron's dog Albus.
Sue O'Connell
Necn's host of "The Take," Sue O'Connell shared a photo of her and Inka who she adopted as a puppy.
Sue O'Connell
And here's Sue's dog Inka with her bunny Nibbles who was also adopted.
Joy Lim Nakrin
Anchor Joy Lim Nakrin rescued 4 out of 5 of her dogs. Here she is with Mortimer, Oliver, Mrs. Pickles, Olga, and Penelope.
Emily Leung
Human Resources Coordinator Emily Leung shared a photo of her dog Bella.
Aaron Perry
Weighing in at 14 pounds, Gandalf is known as the "small bear" around weather producer Aaron Perry's house.
Aaron Perry
Gandalf's brother, Norbert, is slender and likes to stalk him in the foyer from the stairs.
Jacqueline Bennett
Here's meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett with one of her rescue dogs.
Jacqueline Bennett
All of Jacqueline's dogs are shelter or rescue dogs.
Jacqueline Bennett
Jacqueline Bennett
Jacqueline Bennett
Nohely Portillo
Here's IT specialist Nohely Portillo and her dog Cookie. She says, ". I have had her since she was 2 months old, I picked her because she stood out to me over any other dog. 7 Years later, she is very attached to me and wants to follow me everywhere I go."
Nohely Portillo
Cookie and I have a lot of fun together and I often do a lot of silly things with her. I often joke that the Cat I have is her Pet because the only reason I got a cat was to keep her company while I am at work. Yes they get along. I hope that through her I can help break the stigma that others have towards Pitbull’s. She is a great people dog.
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