These Ramen Dishes In the Boston Area Will Warm Your Soul

Here are some of the best hidden ramen dishes in the Boston area.

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Hidden Boston
The Hell Ramen from Kakkoii Sushi and Ramen has a spicy edge that sneaks up on you (and gets even hotter).
Hidden Boston
The Heaven Ramen from Kakkoii Sushi and Ramen in Malden, Mass. includes a mild meat broth, slightly fatty roast pork, marinated soft-boiled egg, corn, onion, bok choy and bamboo shoots.
Hidden Boston
The chicken katsu and miso ramen is a wonderful choice at Daikanyama in Lexington, Mass.
Hidden Boston
The Gankara Miso Ramen from Ganko Ittetsu Ramen in Brookline, Mass. is similar to their miso ramen, but spicier.
Hidden Boston
The TanTan Ramen at Ganko Ittetsu in Brookline, Mass. comes with ground pork, onion, pickled veggies, scallions, sauteed cabbage, cilantro, corn and wakame seaweed, all in a savory and creamy sesame broth.
Hidden Boston
The miso ramen from Ganko Ittetsu Ramen in Brookline, Mass. is mild and comes with sliced pork, scallions, corn, sesame seeds and ginger.
Hidden Boston
The Tan Tan Ramen from Chiharu in Brookline, Mass.
Hidden Boston
The spicy miso ramen from Sapporo Ramen in Cambridge, Mass. features spicy ground pork in a sweet miso broth that also has a bit of heat.
Hidden Boston
The TanTan Men Ramen from Sapporo Ramen has spicy ground pork and a miso soup with a nutty and slightly sour taste.
Hidden Boston
The hot-and-sour ramen from Sapporo Ramen is reminiscent of the hot-and-sour soup you might get at a Chinese restaurant, but with ramen noodles..
Hidden Boston
The Three-Day Pork Ramen from Dumpling Daughter in Weston, Mass. comes with pork belly, fresh noodles, a soft egg, and assorted veggies in a fatty pork broth.
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