Thundery Start To Holiday Weekend

Severe thunderstorms were again marching through Western New England tonight. While many of those storms dropped torrential rain and vivid lightning, the bigger worry was the intense wind.

As the storms roll east, some may fade, but there seems to be enough energy in the jet stream to keep them alive for most communities along and north of the Pike. My thinking is that they will be strong, but not severe.

We'll settle down later tonight, but fog will become common in the soupy air. While it takes a few hours to burn off tomorrow, it seems we're in the money for more storms to fire ahead of the cool front.

Keep an eye to the sky in the afternoon and evening. Storms could again have gusty winds and torrential rain. The risk should go well into early Sunday morning as the cool front slices through the humidity.

And that's the key to Sunday's forecast. With lowering humidity and the cool front pushing offshore, the risk is lower for thunderstorms. In fact, with winds turning west, it could be the hottest day - and the best beach day - of the entire holiday weekend!

Monday and Tuesday aren't bad, either. Lower humidity, dazzling sun...plenty of fine summer weather. Temperatures on Independence Day will be the coolest of the four, maybe not even cracking 80 in some spots.

Enjoy, be safe, and watch for pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles.

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