Tips to Connect IRL With Valuable Friends

Lockdowns are over, but are you still having trouble connecting with your friends?

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You know the saying that family comes first. To a lot of people, friends are family, but how you establish and maintain those friendships matters.

Isa Watson launched Squad to help people connect with friends IRL (in real life.)

The chemist turned VP of Strategy turned entrepreneur decided to make face-to-face meetups and connections the focus of her work because of the reliance on social media.

Social media was created to help us connect. In some ways it does that; it allows us to keep up with people around the world, explore different cultures, and learn new things.

Social media can also make us feel disconnected.

Watson launched Squad to help people connect with their friends on a deeper level.

Watch: In this episode of Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone, Watson shares tips on how to connect in a positive and meaningful way. And if you'd like the podcast version, click the QR code below.

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