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Tips to Soothe Back-to-School Stress for Moms

Mom2Mom's Maria Sansone talks with resilience expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa

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Don’t let stress ruin the excitement of back-to-school time. All change can be stressful, the good and the bad; it’s all in how you handle it.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a resilience expert and author, says it's not just stressful for the kids. The beginning of another school year can be extremely tough on parents, too.

She tells Mom2Mom's Maria Sansone about her no-nonsense strategies to managing stress and working through it to be the best version of yourself.

The most important thing to remember when building resilience, according to Dr. G, is empathy. It’s important to allow yourself the room to feel the stress of whatever the change may be, validate those feelings, and then act.

Dr. G also explains why we shouldn’t always trust our gut, but rather ask questions before making a judgment.

Finally, she shares how we can protect our daily peace when the world is swirling with stressors around us.

For more details, watch the full Mom2Mom episode above or listen to the podcast version by clicking on the QR code below.

Stress is everywhere. It's how you handle it that counts, according to expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa. Some of the most common stressors, tools to handle them, and some of the most common stress myths in this episode of Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone.
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