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Tires Slashed in Vandalism Spree in Boston Neighborhood

Boston police are investigating a vandalism spree in the city's Dorchester neighborhood.

Dozens of drivers woke up Wednesday morning to slashed tires. One vehicle even had a broken windshield.

"A thousand dollar deductible, just for some tires," said Nicole Holiday, of Dorchester.

For victims who could afford to replace their tires, it meant missing work or school to get them fixed.

"There's a lot of impact around this – school just started and the holidays are coming, that hurts," said Renier Thompson whose pregnant daughter's car was targeted.

Heidi Irving, who witnessed the tire slashing, said it wasn't fair for something like this to happen to people who work hard for their possessions.

"It's not fair, people work hard for what they have and it's like for you to just come up and feel like you can just do stuff like that and get away with it, that’s unacceptable," Irving said.

Boston police say it appears the suspect targeted cars on Bowdoin, Topliff and Speedwell streets.

At least two neighbors on Speedwell Street say they spotted the suspect around 4 a.m. and scared him off.

"He looked at her and he continued popping and then she called her husband and her husband came out and then he jumped on the bike and took off," Irving said.

Police released surveillance video of the suspect outside one home. The video appeared to show him getting on his bicycle and fleeing the area after causing damage.

The suspect is described as a tall, slim man with a narrow, clean-shaven face. Anyone with information is urged to contact Boston Police.

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